NSSCC Grand Final Guidelines

The eight winners of each region will compete in the 2022 NSSCC Grand Final.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful sponsors, without whom, the NSSCC wouldn't be possible.

Rules and Regulations

The National Grand Final, NSSCC 2022

The NSSCC National Grand Final consists of 8 Teams selected to represent the eight (8) regions around New Zealand via the online entry format. Each regional winning team represents their school and region, at the NSSCC National Grand Final. The team consists of the teacher [team manager] and the two competitors who need to:

  • Be available to attend the 2021 NSSCC Grand Final and the NZ Culinary Journey.
  • Agree to photography and videography which will be used for promotional purposes.

For the live final, each team is required to:

  • Cook and present, individually plated, four (4) identical portions of the Entrée with Beetroot as the hero ingredient, that they submitted for the online regional event. 


  • Cook and present, individually plated, four (4) identical portions of a main course dish. 

This main course dish is to include:

  • Waitoa Chicken Breast - bone in, skin on - known as the Supreme Cut. One (1) per portion. It can be brought to the competition as either a whole chicken OR as a supreme cut. The designed dish may include the chicken with or without the bone and/or skin.
  • At least three (3) servings of New Zealand grown fresh vegetables. This cannot include any type of mushroom, as fungi is not in the growing group of our Vegetables.co.nz sponsor.
  • A starch vegetable. For example, kūmara, yam, pumpkin, parsnip. Potatoes are not permitted.
  • A sauce, vegetable purée or jus is to be included.
  • Fresh New Zealand grown herbs may be used.

The judging schedule will be given to regional winners as soon as they are announced.

Each team will also be required to:

Compile a 5-10minute video of them producing their main dish.

The video is to include:

  • The team in chef’s jackets, if possible, and appropriate kitchen wear.
  • Demonstration of butchery skills working with chicken.
  • Demonstration of knife skills working with vegetables.
  • Demonstration of cookery techniques being used.
  • Students plating up the dish.
  • Final presentation of the dish.
  • Each of the team members holding the dish.

The video is to be in a format to allow CADT to edit into short clips for sponsors and, if required, an online awards ceremony.

The Team that the judges decide has presented the best video will win a Moffat E23M3 oven worth $3,500.

This video also constitutes 10% of the points in the overall judging of the live final.

The Live Cookery Final will be held:

  • At Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT), Otara, South Auckland
  • On Wednesday, 7th September 2022
  • The Awards dinner will be held at 6.00pm on 7th September  at MIT.

The Grand Final

The NSSCC Grand Final is where, in 90 minutes, teams of two competitors prepare, cook and present, and individually plate, four (4) portions of an entrée and four (4) portions of a main course.

  • The entrée must contain New Zealand grown beetroot as the principal component of the dish. New Zealand grown fresh or frozen vegetables may be included.
  • The main dish is to include Waitoa chicken breast, bone in, skin on (the supreme cut), one [1] per portion. It can be brought to the competition as either a whole chicken OR as a supreme. The team’s designed dish may include the chicken with or without the bone and skin.
  • The main dish must include at least three [3] New Zealand grown fresh or frozen vegetables, one must be a starchy vegetable [e.g. kūmara, yams, pumpkin, parsnip, but not potatoes]. New Zealand grown vegetables must be included. Note Fungi is not considered a vegetable, marks are deducted if mushrooms are used. 

Previous National Title Winners

Competitors who have won the National Title are not permitted to enter the NSSCC again. Students may enter the competition twice.

The Competition

  • Competitors MUST supply all food items and necessary equipment to prepare, cook and serve during the NSSCC.
  • Competitors are advised not to bring additional display materials, as these are not marked.
  • Once a live competition has started, there is no communication between the competitors or between the competitors and supporters outside the arenas. If communication does take place, the competitor/s will be disqualified immediately.
  • Once a live competition has started, no equipment, food, liquids or other associated items may be bought into the kitchen for the competitors under any circumstances.
  • When the allotted time is up, competitors will be able to continue finishing the event, however, the following penalties apply: First minute late = 5 Marks removed
  • For every minute after, 3 marks removed (to a total of 5 minutes).
  • If the competitor has not presented all dishes, 5 minutes after allocated finish time, the competitor will receive a DNC or DNP [did not complete or did not present] on the judging sheets. In live competitions ALL plates must be off the bench and in transit, within the competition allocated time.
  • If a competitor serves RAW or inedible food, they will receive a DNC [did not complete]. Temperature probes may be used by the judges to test suitable temperature of served food items.
  • All enquires during the competition should be directed to the Chief Judge. No conferring is permitted in any form. Conferring between parties will result in disqualification from the event.
  • The competition jacket must be worn [supplied] with skull cap and necktie [supplied by competitor]. Marks are deducted for incorrect uniform.
  • The Chief Judge or the Kitchen Manager [safety officer] has the right to remove any equipment  deemed dangerous at any time during the competition.
  • Competitors are required to clean their stoves and equipment at the end of the competition. Marks will be deducted if this is not carried out.
  • No trolleys will be allowed in the kitchen other than for transport into the kitchen. All trolleys must be removed to a safe place prior to start of the competition.
  • Extreme care must be taken with all deep fryer cookery – If judges deem practice by a competitor as unsafe, they will ask the competitor to stop the practice.

MIT Kitchen

  • A free-standing bench, Sink and Gas Hob stove are allocated to each team.
  • The following images are provided as a guide.

Additional information

Time Allocation:

The time allocation for the competition classes will be strictly enforced. Provided there are no unforeseen difficulties, ¼, ½ and ¾ times will be given. A 10 minutes-to-go call will be given and from 5 minutes remaining, every minute will be called.

Liquid Nitrogen:

May only be used in a class in accordance with the material safety data sheet #0048 as issued by BOC Limited. Any use of this material outside these guidelines will disqualify the competitor immediately.

Team Age:

Competitors must be 15 years + old at the time of the National Final on 7th September 2022.

Recipe Template and Description Cards.

  • Competitors must provide two (2) copies of their recipes using the template from the NSSCC website. This includes weights, ingredients and methods.
  • Two description cards must be supplied (as the dish is described on a menu). This should be computer generated and written in English.

The two (2) Recipe templates and two (2) Description cards are taken into the kitchen for display with the competitors’ work on the judges and display tables. The recipes and dish description card become the property of NSSCC. They may be reproduced for promotional purposes by the sponsors.


The Management team is not responsible for any loss or damage to exhibits, dishes, equipment or personal effects. Competitors are advised to suitably insure all personal equipment bought into the salon. It is the competitor’s responsibility to cover this for personal use.

No responsibility will be taken for equipment that has been left behind at the end of the competitions and any equipment left on site at the close of the competitions will be disposed of without further warning.

The organisers accept no responsibility for loss or damages to personal property or injuries whilst competing.


The decision of the judges in all matters relating to the competitions is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


The World Association of Chefs Societies [WACS] marking system is used in this competition. All competitors start with 100 (‘Gold with Distinction'), with marks deducted for non-compliance with the Guidelines. Competitors can receive Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with certificates in each class.

Medals and certificates will be awarded to competitors who achieve the following marks.

100       Gold Medal with Distinction.
90-99    Gold Medal.
80-89    Silver Medal.
70-79    Bronze Medal
70-80    A certificate of merit may be awarded at the discretion of the Chief Judge.


The NSSCC and New Zealand Culinary Journey [NZCJ] are only possible with the generous support of sponsors. Please support them when possible

Regional teams will be supplied with further information in July. Team managers have the opportunity to attend Fortnightly Forums in July and August. The Head Judge and event manager provide final details, logistics and answer queries.

Should Covid prevent the Live event, the judging will be based on:

  • The information sent for the regional competition. Marks allocated 30%.
  • Material sent for the main dish (includes video of the main dish, recipes and dish description). Marks allocated 40%.
  • Regional Finalist Team online meeting with Trustees. Marks allocated 30%.

The NSSCC Awards Presentation

Either live at MIT or online at 1pm on 7th September. Online link will be shared closer to the time.


Medals and Certificates will be awarded to all Finalists.

Presentation to Team Managers (teachers).

Best Video:  A Moffat E23M3 oven – value $3,500.

Four Scholarships: Equipment Starter Packs valued at $500 to assist four students on their culinary career in 2023.

Winning School receives:

  • A Moffat E23M3 oven – value $3,500.
  • A $1,000 Bidfood Credit to the winning School account.

The winning students will each receive a $500 Pressie card.

Total Final Prize Packages valued at $12,000

The New Zealand Culinary Journey for all teams will be held on:

  • Thursday 8th September 2022. Information on this day will be provided to regional winners.
  • All teams will be in Auckland for 2 days.
  • Accommodation will be provided as necessary.
  • Flights home should be made for after 4pm on Thursday, 8th September.

Further details regarding the events will be given to Regional Winners’ Team Managers.

Should Covid prevent the NZCJ an online event will be held. Details to be supplied.

NSSCC Dish Description

Please download and use this menu card for your regional online entry

NSSCC Recipe Template

Please download and use the Recipe & Methods Card for your regional online entry.

CADT - NSSCC National final information will be supplied to the Regional Finalists.


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